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Blue Tri or Blue and Tan French Bulldogs take over the Frenchie World!

24 Sep

Blue Tri or Blue and Tan French Bulldogs take over the Frenchie World!

Blue Tri French Bulldogs are one of the most if not the most rare color pattern in the Frenchie World at this time. The Blue and Tan marking in these French Bulldogs are quite impressive. The tan points as referred to in the canine world compare to that of a Rottwiler or a Doberman pincher. Usually right above the eyes (eye brows), in the iner parts of the front and rear legs, on the cheeks and on each side of the chest. These are the most common placement of the tan points in the Tri colored French Bulldog but they do vary.


A beautiful Blue Tri Colored French Bulldog

There are actually several types of “tri” coat patterns that are known of in the Frenchies world. These are the following colors:

  • Blue and Tan French Bulldogs
  • Black and Tan French Bulldogs
  • Blue Tri French Bulldogs
  • Black Tri French Bulldogs
  • Blue Sable Tri French Bulldogs
  • Black Sable Tri French Bulldogs

Like all exotic color patterns in Frenchies, both sire and dam must carry the blue tri gene in order to produce a litter of blue tri gene carriers or have any Blue Tri French Bulldog puppies in the litter. These puppies are not for everyone as they can be quite costly usually starting at around $10,000 each puppy. This color pattern is so rare not to mention attractive, that many people are willing to pay the large price tag on these babies just to have something extremely rare and exotic. These exotic Frenchies are well worth the price many would say. For more information on these amazing Blue Tri Frenchies visit http://www.blue-frenchbulldog.com