Lilac French Bulldogs

28 Aug

Lilac French Bulldogs

The exotic and ellusive Lilac French Bulldog is one of the most rare and exotic style of canine in the world. Thje rarety of this color of coat on any dog is quite a rarety in itself but to see it on the French Bulldog is just quite a mystical site. The Lilac (or Champagne) coloration on French Bulldogs is part of the blue gene. All Lilac colored French Bulldogs are blue carriers by nature, it is a requirement in order to have the dominant Lilac gene and to be a carrier. Lilac French Bulldog puppies are a site to be hold.

Blue french bulldog puppies and Lilac french bulldog puppies

Blue french bulldog puppies

When they are first born they look to be a soft blue fawnish color but as they dry up and mature it is clear to see that this is not your typical blue fawn pup. In fact these Frenchies look almost pink, not their skin but their actual hairs have a pinkish hue that is mind boggling! Not only that but thir noses are also redish pink and sometimes grayish blue. This proves that they are clearly blue gened dogs by nature. Again, in order to produce a physical Lilac French Bulldog both sire and dam must posses the blue and chocolate gene, be blue themselves or blue carriers.  A lilac colored dog’s color DNA will check out at (d/d, b/b) meaning they posses two copies of each the blue and chocolate genes. This is what gives them this extraordinary coloring and so in essence they are both chocolate and blue. There are only a very few cases of Lilac Frenchies in the US. You will likely never find any for sale but if you would be so blessed as to find one be certain that you will fork up quite a bit of dough. These frenchie babies will start at a whopping $20,000 and go up from there.

Another very exqisite and rare type of French Bulldog that is just as rare and expensive is the black and tan French Bulldog or the more rare the Blue and Tan French Bulldogs orfen refered to as blue tris. The tern “Tri” refers to the 3 colors involved in this dog coat coloring. The 3rd color always refering to white ofcourse.

For more info on these exotic Lilac French Bulldogs visit Silver Blood Frenchies, the leader in exotic French Bulldogs. Or visit


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