Beautiful Chocolate french bulldogs

15 Jul

One stunning variety of the rare colored french bulldog is the chocolate french bulldog. The rarely seen coat color of the french bulldog is a beautiful site on pups and adults alike. They are one of the most majestic looking bulldogs you may see. Their color DNA looks like this (b,b) so a dog bust have two copies of little “b” to display the chocolate brown phenotype and be able to pass it onto 100% of their offspring. Chocolate in the french bulldog comes is several varieties such as solid chocolate, chocolate brindle, chocolate pies, chocolate fawn and chocolate sable. Chocolate and tan has also very recently been produced for the very first time in 2014. In addition to those colors chocolate dogs that also carry the dilute gene or (d) blue may also produce lilac colored dogs (the rarest of all rare colors in the french bulldog breed). Lilac can be accomplished by mixing blue and chocolate french bulldogs to end up with a color DNA result of (bb, dd) which indicates two copies of both blue and chocolate. This is very hard to produce and therefore these dog are very valuable and desirable. Chocolate has been the necessary yet rare part of the equation to produce an even more rare than chocolate coat color, the lilac. Below is a picture of one of these beautiful chocolate frenchies.

Chocolate french bulldog stud

Chocolate french bulldog stud

Other Exotic Pets – Koi fish

15 Jul
Koi-Fish Majestic Koi fish swimming in a pond

Majestic Koi fish swimming in a pond

Other exotic pets that are quickly gaining popularity in the United States is the exotic Japanese Koi fish or carp. These majestic koi fish are beautiful creatures that come in a variety of colors and types with many flashy markings and styles. There are two main styles of koi fish. You have the standard koi fish and the butterfly koi fish which refers to the elongated and flowing fins of the elegant butterfly koi fish. Koi generally can live a very long time with proper care and nutrition. Some have even been reported to live beyond 200 years of age. In their lifetime they can potentially grow up to 3 feet in length on average although in some rare cases some have been reported to be almost 6 feet in length! You can find these amazing Koi fish for sale all around the world from experienced breeders in the US and Japan.

Butterfly Fin Koi fish special 58976

Butterfly Fin Koi

There is also a well known koi fish named “Hanako” that has lived up to 226 yrs of age and is thought to still be alive in Japan.


Well, we can see carp everywhere, but this red carp of ours, “Hanako”, is as old as 215 years. You will be surprised to know how precious an existence she is. According to Mr. Masayuki Amano, who is a noted enthusiast about carp and was working at the Fisheries Experimental Station in the carp producing Niigata Prefecture, the carp is one of the most long-lived of all kinds of fish. He says he has seen some carp more than 100 years old, but none so old as exceeding 200 years, and one so old as 215 years, is precious beyond all measure, from the scientific point of view. I, for one, am wondering at the longetivity this carp of ours is enjoying.

This “Hanako” is still in perfect condition and swimming about majestically in a quiet ravine decending Mt. Ontake in a short distance. She weighs 7.5 kilograms and is 70 centimeters in length. She and I are dearest friends. When I call her saying “Hanako! Hanako!” from the brink of the pond, she unhesitatingly comes swimming to my feet. If I lightly pat her on the head, she looks quite delighted. Sometimes I go so far as to take her out of the water and embrace her. At one time a person watching asked me whether I was performing a trick with the carp. Although a fish, she seems to feel that she is dearly loved, and it appears that there is some communication of feeling between us. At present my greatest pleasure is to go to my native place two or three times a month and keep company with “Hanako”.

I am often asked how it is that I can tell the age of a fish. As a tree trunk has its annual rings, so a fish has its annual rings on its scales, and we only have to count them to know the age of a fish. As a matter of course, we ourselves cannot do it. It requires the aid of a specialist and the use of a light microscope. Now, what was it that made me think of ascertaining the carp’s age? My grandmother on maternal side, who left this world at the advanced age of 93 some eight years ago, is said to have been told by her mother-in-law, “When I was married into this family, my mother in-law said to me, “That carp has been handed down to us from olden times; you must take good care of it”.” When I was told this story, I became very curious to know how long the carp had lived. I found out Hanako’s age by the before mentioned method, but you may easily imagine how greatly I was grieved when I was forced to take a scale off her beautiful body. I caught her in a net very cautiously, and repeatedly said. “Excuse me!” I took off two scales from different parts of her body by using a strong tweeser. The scales were examined by Prof. Masayoshi Hiro, D.Sc., Laboratory of Domestic Science, Nagoya Women’s College. It took two months for him to acquire a satisfactory result. By using the light microscope, he photographed every part of the scales. It seems he took a great deal of trouble. When it was certain beyond doubt that the carp was 215 years old, the two of us exchanged a look of delightful surprise.

Then I had the Professor examine the remaining five carp in the same pond, three white and two black ones. The examination took one year, and it was found out as the results that three were respectively 168, 153 and 149 years old, and the remaining two were both 139 years old. Those results led us to be convinced that not only are the carp rare ones but they are a very precious existence from the scientific point of view as well. We must consider, then, in what surroundings and under what conditions these long-lived carp are placed. The pond is located far deep among the mountains of Mino Province. The locality is called Oppara, Higashi-Shirakawa Village, Kamo County, and is about the same distance from Gero Hot Springs on the Takayama Line as from Nakatsugawa City on the Central Line, both lines belonging to the National Railways. Nearby there are rustic hot springs called Oppara-onsen. Facing south toward the Pacific on the top of Mt. Ontake, you will look down upon the locality at the foot of the mountain. Through the locality runs the Shirakawa, a tributary of the River Hida which again is the upper reaches of the River Kiso. A stream of limpid water never ceases to flow all the year round. It is this water that flows into the pond which “Hanako” lives and which was carefully constructed with stones in former days. Besides that, pure water trickled from the foot of the mountain streams close by into the pond, making the favorable conditions still more favorable. The pond cannot be called large, only being about five meters square.

For your information, I shall attach below the dates of birth and chronicles of the six carp that live in the pond of my native house in Gifu (The age is calculted from 1968).

Some of the oldest Koi -

1 – Hanako (scarlet) – 217 years old; born in 1st year of Horeki (A.D. 1751); in the preceding year there arose an internal feud in the Kaga Clan; and the birth was 25 years before the Declaration of Independence of America.
2 – Aoi (white with red spots on belly) – 170 years old; born in 10th year of Kansei (A.D. 1798); in the same year Norinaga Motoori published “Kojiki-dan”,Juzo Kondo discovered Island of Etoroff, and Napoleon went on his Egyptian campaign.
3 – Chikara (bluish black) – 155 years old; born in 10th year of Bunka (A.D. 1813); in the same year Kumpei Gamo died, Stevenson invented the steam engine, and in the following year Bakin takizawa published “Nanso Satomi Hakken-den”.
4 – Satoru (white with black spots on back) – 151 years old; born in 14th year of Bunka (A.D. 1917); in the same year an English ship visited the port of Uraga. Death of Gempaku Sugita.
5 – Santa (black with an indented scar on the face) – 141 years old; born in the 10th year of Bunsei (A.D. 1827); in the same year Sanyo Rai published “Nihon Gaishi”. Great Fire of Yedo in the following year.
Yuki (white) – 141 years old; born in the same year as “Santa”.


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Exotic Japanese Koi fish

Exotic Japanese Koi fish

Quality Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale

12 Dec

1Soleil X Monster pups 9 weeks Male1e

SilverBlood Frenchies has produces and sells the finest quality blue French bulldogs available in the US. The finest bloodlines and physical traits have been carefully selected to produce high quality frenchies with exotic colors and rare patterns like blue and tan, black and tan, chocolates and lilacs. You can be sure to find gorgeous blue French bulldog puppies with excellent confirmation and with exceptional health at Silverblood Frenchies a well known and highly reputable exotic and rare French bulldog breeder in South Florida.

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Quality Blue French bulldog puppies for sale

18 Jun

Beautiful Champion bred blue french bulldog puppies for sale. Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale, 2 Blue pied French Bulldog male Puppies for sale.
The sire to this litter of beautuful and bully blue frenc hbulldog puppies is ABKC Grand Champion Chocomil from California. He is a solid chocolate french bulldog stud that carries the blue gene. The dam to this litter is our blue fawn chocolate carrier french bulldog female Coco here in Florida. This litter of puppies is double factor carrying both blue and chocolate gene!
Welcome to SilverBlood Frenchies Our site is
We breed and produce high quality blue french bulldogs with quality pedigrees and lineage. Our blue frenchie pups are of optimal health and of the finest dispositions!
We have a couple blue french bulldog litters a year and colors range from:
blue brindle
blue pied
solid blue
blue fawn
lilac or champagne
blue and tan (blue tri french bulldogs)
black and tan (black tri french bulldogs)

We are able to ship our blue frenchie pups just about anywhere as long as their health and well-being is not at risk.
We have shipped to these locations in the past:
New York City, NY
Miami, FL
Reno, NV
San Francisco, CA
Orlando, FL
Houston, TX
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Austin, TX
Seattle, WA
Sacramento, CA
Denver, CO
Cleaveland, OH
Chicago, IL
Memphis, TN
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Columbus, OH
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Albany, NY
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Springfield, MO
New Orleans, LA
Los Angeles, CA
San Jose, CA
Grand Rapids, MI
Richmond, VA
Raleigh, NC
Charleston, SC
Mobile, AL
and surrounding cities in these states.

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SilverBlood Frenchies – Blue French Bulldogs
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314

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Taking care of your blue french bulldogs

18 Jun

Taking care of your blue french bulldogs

Blue French Bulldogs do require special care and some considerations must be made prior to your puppy purchase.

Exotic and Rare blue french bulldog puppies

Exotic and Rare blue french bulldogs


1. First off the proper research must be done regarding this bully breed. Research is imperative in getting to know this breed’s most important aspects.

2. Blue French Bulldogs need to live in a cool place, they certainly don’t do good outside, they are predominantly an inside dog type of breed.

3. Frenchies also have a flat face also known as brachycephaly and it is wise to not keep them under direct sun light for an extended amount of time due to their restrictions in breathing. Hot conditions are totally not recommended.

4. Frenchies need to have fresh water available to them at all times. They can overheat easily and in summer months may require a little more water than usual. So it’s very important to KEEP THEM COOL.

5. One good way to cool french bulldogs down when they get a little hot is with a nice doggie bath. However, when bathing there are two very important things to note:

  • Be cautious not to get excess water into their ears. Remember, their ear due to size and shape, act as a funnel and it’s easy to get excess water into them when being bathed.
  • Also, when drying your little frenchie please be sure to dry up between those rolls, folds and wrinkles. Frenchies have folds in their faces and on their nose that can trap moisture and harm them by becoming infected. So be sure to thoroughly dry them.

6. Be prepared to “smell” your Frenchie! This is not the case with all french bulldogs but it sure is with a large percentage of them, they due let out a lot of gas! This is mostly due to the fact that they are brachycephalic dogs they breathe in a lot of air through their mouth instead of their noses.

7. Blue French Bulldogs can gain weight fairly quickly once they hit adulthood. Since their bodies are compact and cobby they can put on the pound fast and if you have one that likes to eat this could happen to you. Keep in mind that a small compact body can gain weigh very quickly so keep watch of your french bulldog puppies’ weight,

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Chocolate French Bulldogs in the USA

8 May

Chocolate frenchies are super exotic little dogs with tons of character. You might never come across one as they are so very rare and exotic. But for those seeking one of the most unique type of dogs, blue and chocolate french bulldogs is definitely in their “want list”.

We found some excellent examples of the finest Chocolate French Bulldogs here.

New Exotic Chocolate French Bulldog puppies

26 Apr

Here we see how the breed has evolved in terms of genetically possible colors in frenchies. The fad was blues and its many different shades and patterns and now we have come across the chocolate variation of the breed. A chocolate colored frenchie’s color DNA would look something like this (b/b). This means it would be a chocolate gene carrier (B/b) as well as display the chocolate undertone in its phenotype also. Some people refer to this coloring as liver or choco and yes, it is in fact a disqualification in the show ring as far as some of the major dog registries are concerned including the AKC (American Kennel Club). And no, this coloration like the blue coloration does not in any way contribute or is associated with ANY health issues or quality of life. It is in fact part of the gene pool and naturally occurring genetically. These rare and exotic colors in the french bulldog are hard to come by due to the fact many breeders bred away from these tones as it was not show worthy and so it was hard for those genes to reveal themselves in a typical litter. The chocolate dogs also generally will have golden yellow eyes and a self-colored nose leather as well.

These little chocolate french bulldog puppies make excellent pets. Their exotic and rare looks make them super attractive and appealing to many fanciers of this clownish breed. Ears all pricked up, smashed face and no tail still a part of these exotic colors. Nothing but their coat color has changed. below is an example of what these little guys look like in this rare, yet beautiful color. Similar colors are: solid chocolate, chocolate pied, chocolate brindle and chocolate tri french bulldogs.


A beautiful chocolate pied french bulldog female pup


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